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Welcome To Tony's Tackle T Bay

www.tonystackle.co.uk email tonystackle@mail.com

211 Seaside, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN21 2NU Tel: 01323 731388

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The Ultimate Match Rigs Professionally Tied 3 hook Dropper Pk 5 £14.99

Professionally Tied Rigs 2 hook dropper the utimate dist rig Qty 5 £12.99

Professionally Tied 3 hook clipped top match rig Rigs Qty 5 £14.99

Professionally Tied Rigs 2 hook clipped Qty 5 £12.99

Professionally 2 hook clippped Tied Rigs Qty 5 £12.99

3 or 2 hook flapper Sea-Match Hooks Size 1 £11.99
Pulley Pennel bass rig 11.99

Sea-Match Assorted tied rigs QTY 5 £10.99

3 Hook Flapper Rig 5 x Rigs £12.99

Pulley Pennel Rigs 5 x Professionally Tied rigs


bulk hooks swivels beads bulkbads crimps swivels

Wackernoster Rigs 5 x Professionally tied Rigs

Sea-Match Bulk Hooks Approx

Sea Match Swivels £

Sea Match Orange Glow Beads Bulk Buy


Sea-Match Bulk Glow Beads

Sea-Match Multi Top Swivels